Here are some of Akita’s many must-see attractions. Enjoy nature, culture, and festivals, all offering a wide variety depending on season and location.


Among the famed sakura cherry blossom viewing areas of Akita, those of Kakunodate in Semboku, a city located in the central eastern portion of the prefecture, are especially popular. In addition to the beautiful 2km long sakura tunnel along the Hinokinai River, visitors can also enjoy the cherry blossoms along Bukeyashiki Street. In addition to these two spots, here are some recommended cherry blossom spots in Akita Prefecture.
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Hinokinai Riverbank, Semboku-City
Bukeyashiki Street, Semboku-City
Senshu Park, Akita-City

Festivals & Events

Akita is home to 17 Important Intangible Folk Cultural Assets, and the Kanto Festival in particular, held during the summer, attracts a large audience who come to see amazing displays of skill. Winter events are also frequently held throughout the prefecture, offering visitors a chance to experience the charm, history, and tradition of Akita.
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Kanto Festival, Akita-City
Namahage Sedo Festival, Oga-City
Inukko Festival, Yuzawa-City

Fall Colors

Enjoy the beautiful scenery, as red, yellow, orange, and green colors weave together into a sight born from the climate of Akita. Visitors can also have a great time hiking and waking along the provided paths.
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Oyasu Gorge, Yuzawa-City
Mt. Hachimantai Onuma, Kazuno-City
Kuroyu Onsen, Semboku-City

Onsen (hot springs)

Enjoy the wonderful features of a traditional onsen inn. From open-air baths surrounded by the snow and fall foliage, to hot moisturizing waters, each hot springs facility offers its own unique personality.
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Ganiba Onsen, Semboku-City
Kurikoma-Sanso, Higashinaruse-Village
Kuroyu Onsen, Semboku-City

Akita Inu

Akita is the birthplace of the Akita Inu breed of dog, of which the loyal Hachiko stands as a famous example. Akita Inu are carefully bred following strict guidelines, and can be seen throughout the prefecture.
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Akita is famous for not only its local Kiritanpo Nabe Stew and Inaniwa Udon, but is also home to all sorts of special seasonal dishes.
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Inaniwa Udon

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